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App Inventor How to send variable from php to Android Webview?

Hi! thanks in advance for taking the time to help me :)

few days ago I’ve purchased a codecanyon webview framework, made with Kotlin, it is really a great framework since it helped me to turn my website into a real app (I only know how to develope on php & mysql, not java lol)

And the framework has integrated the OneSignal & Firebase push notifications service…

To this point all is working really great… but I wan’t to level up my project to a new step, and send user-specific push notifications (Ex. Someone post on your profile)

I know that I can take advantage of OneSignal Tags to add a tag for every OneSignal subscribed user with my website userid… but the problem is that I don´t know how to take that $_SESSION[“userid”] from my php website and use it on my Android Webview App to create the OneSignal tag for the current user…

In my Android files, I have a file called OnesignalMessagingService.kt with this information:

`package name...

import android.app.Application
import android.content.Context
import android.content.Intent
import android.util.Log
import com.onesignal.OSNotification
import com.onesignal.OSNotificationAction
import com.onesignal.OSNotificationOpenResult
import com.onesignal.OneSignal
import infix.imrankst1221.codecanyon.MainActivity

class OnesignalMessagingService: Application() {
val TAG = "---Onesignal"
lateinit var mContext: Context

override fun onCreate() {
mContext = this

OneSignal.idsAvailable { userId, registrationId -> Log.d("", ""+userId) }

inner class NotificationHandler : OneSignal.NotificationOpenedHandler {
// This fires when a notification is opened by tapping on it.
override fun notificationOpened(result: OSNotificationOpenResult) {
val actionType = result.action.type
val data = result.notification.payload.additionalData
val customKey: String?

if (data != null) {
customKey = data.optString("url", null)
if (customKey != null) {
AppDataInstance.notificationUrl = customKey
AppDataInstance.isOpenOutside = data.optBoolean("is_open_outside", false)
Log.i(TAG, "Link set with value: $customKey")

if (actionType == OSNotificationAction.ActionType.ActionTaken)
Log.i(TAG, "Button pressed with id: " + result.action.actionID)

val intent = Intent(applicationContext, MainActivity::class.java)

private inner class NotificationReceivedHandler : OneSignal.NotificationReceivedHandler {
override fun notificationReceived(notification: OSNotification) {
// receive a notification

How I can add this code to create the tag for the current user:

`OneSignal.sendTag("userId", "1");`

And how to change userid “1” with my current $_SESSION[“userid”] from the php weview website

I don´t know if it is helpfull but I’ve created a json file with the current session id:

https://tribbr.me/api/json/get_sessionid.php (it only echo information if you are logged in into my website): (Ej. https://jmp.sh/fdMQtdG )

Thanks for your help, I’m really new in Android developing, but with a big desire to learn new stuff every day :)


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