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How To Stop Android From Taking Panoramic Pictures


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Apr 13, 2020
I'm finding that many of the pictures of people I take in portrait mode are being turned to panoramic mode. After uploading the pictures to my computer, I then have to open each one individually, turn it right 90 degrees and re-save it. How to I stop the phone from doing that?
Unless you're pointing your phone straight up or down, I'm not sure how (or why) your camera would be doing this. If pointing the phone's camera down at an object, the phone's accelerometer is making its best guess as to what you're doing... and may very well get it wrong. If this is the case, start the camera with the phone straight up and slowly turn it downward, checking the shutter/control orientation to make sure it didn't switch on you.
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The shutter button will probably always be on the right side of the screen. If the camera is in portrait mode, the shutter will be along the long edge of the screen. If landscape, it will be along what would normally be the bottom edge. Test it by holding the phone as usual, pointing the camera in portrait, and then turning it 90 degrees to landscape to see how the controls reorient. Once you understand where the shutter is supposed to be in portrait mode, you can verify the shot before taking the photo.
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Also, some camera apps are wonky with some devices.

Although the stock camera app should not be.

I love Simple Mobile Tools, but have the same issue with their camera app.
Not just that, but it doesn't always happen, lol.

I still use it, rather than the stock app though, due to the vile permissions of most stock camera apps.
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