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How to stop being hacked. Stop web sharing. keystroking via web pages

How do you turn off file sharing, web sharing.
I have turned off the front door sharing, but keep getting these http's: **mod removed link**

This is occurring on all my sign in ACCTS, social media, YouTube, etc. :thinking:

As Mikestony says, we do need to know what device you're having the issues with. ;)

But as a general rule, for Android devices behaving as you describe, a good start would be to go into the Application Manager and clear all cache and data on 3rd party apps and also on any syncing apps/widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Weather, etc).

Next go into each syncing app's configuration menu and disable auto sync. Then shut down the device and remove the battery and SIM and sd cards and then wait a minute. Then boot up.

If no joy, a factory data reset ("hard reset") may be needed.

But, again, this is general troubleshooting remedy action.. it'd be best to know what device you're referring to because there may be a known bug or there may have been a recent update that fixes those issues, etc. ;)
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