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How to stream Youtube app in 144p automatically?


Sep 27, 2014
Yes, I know this is potato quality, but I need to stream it in the lowest resolution when I'm on mobile network.. I have 5gb of high speed data and after that it throttles. Youtube app still take a chunk of mobile data when clicking on "only stream HD on wifi." Whenever I view YouTube videos, the app always stream it in 480p. Although I would love to stream my videos in 480p using my mobile network, I just can't... A 5 minute video streaming in 480p will take approximately 55mb of data.. A 5 minute video on 144p will take like 15mb, and I definitely can work with that. I can get youtube to stream in different quality manually, but I would love for it to automatically stream on 144p whenever I'm on mobile network.. Thanks for your help.


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