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How to use the emulated software image in the avd manager of android studio


Apr 1, 2022
Hi guys,

I've been stuck with a problem for a while now and it's about the good Android Virtual Devices (AVD) or the emulator that comes with Android Studio.
For some time it has been possible to specify a front and rear camera for a virtual device under "Advanced Settings" (on the last page when creating an avd or simply when editing a device that has already been created). There are Virtual (a 3D world in which you can walk around with the camera), Webcam0 (which should actually use the host system's local webcam) and Emulated which displays a software-generated image when the camera is opened.

Now to my question: How do I somehow get it to display a self-stored image in the camera and - even more important! - being able to change this image dynamically (i.e. not having to restart the whole emulator every time.
I've already tried it with OBS and the VirtualCam software (which the Android emulator doesn't seem to like at all though). I have also tried in the virtual 3D world to simply always exchange the image locally on my computer (however, the emulator only loads it once into the cache when it starts and then ignores any changes made to the file).

Now I only have 3 options:
1. I somehow manage to do that with a virtual camera software
2. I manage to update the image in the 3D world (which is possible because with the AVDs you always have a settings menu on the side and if you change the path of the image there, it is actually updated or
3. I'm learning how to write my own Android software image just to change this stupid software generated video (actually I wouldn't want to)

I really hope I can find help here because I've really been stuck on it for ages and have no idea how to solve it now

Kind regards



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