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htc calender


Feb 6, 2011
Using a HTC desire with android version 2.29.405. By clicking on the big plus icon in the bottom right corner, selecting widget, scroll down and select "Calender (HTC)". Then I get three choices to select between, a calender, an agenda list and a smaller next appointment "Cofee with trish in...". This is all fine.

Using a HTC Tattoo with android version 1.67.405. Performing the same steps as above I only get two options for the htc calender widget (calender and next appointment). The agenda list is missing on this system. How can I update the software on the phone to get the same options?

Thanks for any help.
I'm on an HTC Desire myself, and it took me like 10 minutes of fiddling around with the built-in calendar app to realize that it was rubbish.

I ended up with an app called 'Jorte'. It's got a bunch of different widgets in all kinds of sizes, with endless possibilities of configurations. Fonts and font sizes, colours, layouts, week, month, agenda, tasks..... And it will work with both your Google Account Calendar and with it's own local database.

It makes you wonder why the built-in calendar is so crappy when you see how easy it is to get it right the first time.

So you might wanna check out Jorte. Perhaps this is a quick fix to your calendar problem on the tattoo.
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It's most likely because of the differing version of Android you mentioned. Different versions were made available along the lines and in that version, perhaps there is no agenda. So without updating the OS, or rooting the phone and installing another ROM, your only other option is a calendar app.

I agree with the aforementioned Jorte, however I am currently using Calengoo. It is as close to the desktop Google Calendar as I have seen.
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