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HTC Change campaign

I think they could have done much better while spending less cash.
The amount they paid for the Downey Jr. name alone is no doubt too much.
The commercials have pretty much nothing to do with anything, besides trying to be forcibly funny and as ridiculous as possible. Don't sell the flailing brand name, sell the device.

Where as, the new Moto X ads, featuring this guy you probably don't know the name of but, under that beard, can maybe recognize the face or voice from a movie or two:
(T.J. Miller -> photo enclosed)

While a little bit forcibly funny yet sarcastic and a little ridiculous, are based within the "mobile world", more than likely cost a whole lot less, and are actually a little bit comical...

In fact, here I just searched the net and here is an article supporting my exact position...
Motorola Debuts New "Lazy Phone" Ad Campaign For The Moto X With Three Hilarious Videos
Just saw this one this afternoon while watching Football(NFL), it inspired this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=379bEGvn2EQ

Just my opinion though.
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