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Help HTC disk drive files on PC to Samsung S3


Jul 21, 2013
In preparation for going out and buying a new phone, I mounted my HTC Evo as a disk drive and copied all of my files to a folder on my PC that I named 'Phone', thinking that when I got my new phone, I would mount it as a hard drive and just copy and paste all of my files from my 'Phone' folder to the new phone's hard drive. Well, I bought a Samsung S3 and turned in my HTC Evo for recycling. The S3 doesn't have a mount as hard drive option, only a media device or camera option. I was able to transfer music and photos, but no apps or phone contacts. I had not transferred my contacts to my Google account. Any thing I can do?:eek:
Thank you.
What format are your contacts in? vcf? csv? You can import them to your Gmail account via a PC. Copy the corresponding file, then Head here: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#contacts

Once done, select More, then Import and select the file you've used to store your contacts. If your new phone is linked to the same gmail account, it will pull down the contacts next time it syncs.

Apps are also tied to the gmail account so they should redownload themselves once the phone syncs with the original gmail account. If they don't head here: https://play.google.com/apps, then My Apps and you should be able to push the ones you want installed manually.
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