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HTC Evo 4g

I am pretty sure it would work, I am sure I read a post on Twitter that a few people are using them in Toronto, I cannot see why not, It would be the same as buying any unlocked phone here and using it with any network, I myself would like to pick up a Evo or Droid. I have the Sony X10 and it is a nice phone but it is taking way to long for updates to 2.1, If Sony put out 2.2 I would keep it but with all the new apps and the lack of features due to OS limitations I want to get a new phone. Hopefully someone with hands on will post to let us know.
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I don't think the EVO will work as it is with Sprint, which uses a CDMA network and Rogers uses a GSM network. So yeah, incompatible network there. And most CDMA phones don't use sim cards unless they are one of those international phones (both GSM/CDMA) which I don't think the EVO is. The EVO MIGHT work on the Telus network as it uses CDMA...but it depends if Telus has the same radio frequency required by the EVO.
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