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htc flyer running honeycomb WILL NOT CONNECT to pc


Dec 28, 2011
Tablet is best buy WiFi only model. Pc is windows 7 64 bit. I've tried many things: USB debugging on/off, default connection type and checked the box that says "ask me", restarted both the tablet and pc, ifferent USB port, and even with my sd card in and out. The computer says that there was an error with downloading the "Android phone" driver. But this was the case before installing honeycomb, but with gingerbread i could still select a connection type and use as a disk drive, but with honeycomb I can't. On the pc, it says there is a disk in two removable drives, but when I try to open one, it says "please insert a disk" What can I do to recreate the ability to become a disk drive? I just want to transfer files from computer to tablet. I would just use the sd card and reader, but I lost the USB adapter for the sd card :( one other note: adb and fastboot applications on pc still can connect to tablet. Thanks in advance! :)
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I did a little looking around and it may be that because you were initially connected using Gingerbread, your PC is 'driver confused'. You may need to completely remove the device drivers and then reinstall the current Honeycomb drivers. Personally, I haven't connected my tablet to my PC since the first week I got it. It's much easier to transfer files vi WiFi. You can use a cloud service like Dropbox or you can share a folder on your PC and connect to it from the tablet using ES File Explorer.
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