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Help HTC Magic memory leak


Aug 8, 2010
I don't know if it's just me, but my HTC Magic becomes veeery laggy after few minutes of use.
Cleaning the Market and Navigator's cache and stopping all background tasks with TaskPanel Lite helps, but then after few minutes of use it becomes extremelly laggy again. Don't know what to do.
Note: when I clear all the background tasks and cache, TaskPanel indicates that the phone available memory is from 20 -> 24mb (seems to be to few) but after some minutes of use it goes to 3 -> 5 mb of available memory, and it is a pain in the ass to use it.
My magic has around ~40 - 55 megs free when idling.


wow. My Magic is weird. Normally when i check in Advanced task manager i usually have 25-30 megs free, and after killing everything except the manager, ill have anything from 62-105 megs free, and its so arbitrarily random as to why?

im using simple mode, im sure with advanced mode i could kill everything, but i dont like shutting down all the main core processes. just wish there was a way to kill off the 'PEEP' and 'FOOTPRINTS' apps from auto restarting, they eat up like 10 megs together.
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