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HTC Sensation 4G stuck on boot screen Cyanogenmod9 logo


Oct 6, 2018
Hello everyone. I do not know android systems well and i need your help. I found my old HTC Sensation (T-Mobile) at home. As I remember maybe 3-4 years ago I tried to install cyanogenmod 9 on it. I do not remember steps i did or anything i did to this phone.. the only thing i remember is that it was S-ON, so the installation went wrong and after this phone gets stucked on boot screen on cyanogenmod9 logo. i would be very grateful if you helped me, what can i do?
here is things i found when i tried volume down + power button ( i dont even know what is it called to boot like that) *** UNLOCKED *** PYRAMID PVT SHIP S-ON RL, clockworkmod recovery is installed
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Try going back into recovery and doing a factory reset. If you didn't do one when installing in the first place it certainly won't boot.

Otherwise, since you did this 3-4 years ago there's little hope of working out what went wrong, so the best bet would be to reinstall the ROM, install a different ROM, or reflash with stock firmware. But I'd try the reset first.
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