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HTC u12 life


May 9, 2020
As I can't the specific u12 life forum, I'm asking here.
Anyone knows if there was an official upgrade to Android 9 for this device?
My mom owns this phone and she's had strange issues related to the sound - sometimes 'button sound' turns itself on, sometimes ringing sound is muted even when all the sounds are on, and I also can't make whatsaap to show badges on the main screen icon (all the options are on, showing badges also. it doesn't work only for this app).
I even tried to upgrade HTC sense, but when I'm trying to download it form the playstore it says it's no longer compatible... after downloading the newest one (for this android version) from the apk forum, it says 'application not installed'.
I think reinstalling and upgrading software could make it all work better but is it possible?
Maybe someone has any idea how to solve these problems?
I've not found any evidence of an update for this device. It's a mid-ranger, so at most would get 1 year's updates, and doesn't even appear in the HTCDev.com software downloads page (which doesn't bode well for its software support) In any event if going into Settings > System and checking for updates doesn't show anything then there isn't anything for that phone (there might be for that model in a different region or with a particular service provider but you won't be able to install that so it wouldn't help even if it existed).

You could try running in Safe Mode and see whether that solves the volume issues. Safe Mode disables all user-installed apps, so if one of them is responsible for the sound issues it won't happen in safe mode - but the flip side is that WhatsApp also won't work in safe mode.

You could install a different launcher and see whether the badge will work for WhatsApp with that (badges are a feature of the launcher, so this could just be that HTC's launcher on this device has some problem with WhatsApp, and that will likely never be fixed because HTC no longer support software for this model).

You could just back up stuff you want to keep and do a factory reset, and see whether that clears out some strange junk that is causing the problem (but make sure you do have backups of anything important - don't just assume that some Google cloud magic will handle this, because it won't).

The funny thing is that we've an older HTC in our family, an HTC 10, which is still working fine. So it probably doesn't need an update to fix it. The question I'd ask is whether she's always had these problems, or whether they've just started, because if it's the latter then identifying and undoing what caused them is probably the best solution.
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Thanks for Your reply. I tried installing different launcher, but the problem was exactly the same.
This whatsaap notification on the badge problem is something really strange and we haven't been able to solve it from the very begining. I tried all the given solutions in the net, and still we're not getting the number on the badge, only the general notification in the upper bar.
I'll try to run it in safe mode and see if the sound problem still exists.
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Funny as I am using Nova. But you could try Nova with the TeslaUnread plug in (no longer in the Play Store but you can probably find it in Apkmirror.com). That pre-dates Android supporting notification badges, but IMO is still better than the more recent methods. I still use it with Android 11, occasionally have tried one of the other options but invariably switch back to TeslaUnread.
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