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HTML5 web video: max. playable resolution?


Jul 7, 2011

for some time I'm working with HTML5 web video and mobile devices. Now recently I started to wonder what the max. video resolution which is supported by Android devices?

For example on the Nexus One I was unable to get a 640x480 px video playing. Same with a Samsung Galaxy Gio. Only after downscaling the video to 480x272 it played in the browser. Anyone knows if made a mistake somewhere is the max. playable video size really that low?

Depends very much on the device... Android devices decode video in hardware, so the question is what the chip of a particular phone can handle, and we're not just talking about resolution here: There's also framerate, profile, level and a whole lot more. Since you want to play a video at the native resolution of the particular device you're targeting, the resolution should not be an issue. So that leaves profile, level & encoder-quirks. You mention 480x272... which is the PSP's resolution, so I'm guessing you've set whatever encoder you use to the PSP profile, which automatically sets the h.264 profile to baseline AFAIK. But all of this is just guessing as long as I don't know what encoding software you are using.
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