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Help Huawei M865 Muve Touch Screen Issues

Demon Kitti

Mar 28, 2022
I recently found some old Huawei Muve's (2 of them) and both are having a bit of an issue. The issues are with the touch screens, one of them only works if you are using the very top of the display (you have a very small amount of space to work with), and the other one just has a massive freak out (pretty much just spam pressing a single spot). I have tried switching the displays to see if it was just a display issue, but it didn't seem like they were the issue. I have gotten the phone that only works at the top of the screen to do a factory reset, but the other one I haven't gotten around to just yet.
And I assume that I could get the first phone to work (somewhat) if I get myself a Mirco-USB adapter for a mouse. And the final issue for the second phone is that no matter which one of the displays I plug into the board, it will have some fading and yellow discoloration for a few moments. I assume that that might be caused by the front glass or something like that.

If anyone has any ideas or tips for me to try then please feel free to share them.



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