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I am looking for note pad app that could be synchronized with other users


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Feb 22, 2013
Hello, please, forgive my ignorance, maybe this already exist, but i need help to find it.

i am in a small project with a friend, we both came up with nice ideas, and things pending to do in our projet.

today we agree that for April 20 we must close the investigation process and to buy a machine we need, we both agree then he asked me, who will write that down (so can be remembered) then that wa when it came the necessity...

i am looking for an app, something similar to Colornote (which i personally use) but with a function that when i write something in the note, it appears in my friend´s note too (assuming both having installed the same app) in he writes something new r modify what what i wrote, the apps notify me, with a sound, with a pop up message, with a dot, with whatever,r but notify mi then i enter to the app and see what it is...
if he found a nee supplier contact information, so he wrote it there and both have the ssme information.. and so on

it would be like Colornote, like i mentioned, both a function that is connected viia account or whatever so both have the same things
if it has a calendar function or any way to set reminders, would be great.
in our office we have a whiteboard here we write pending stuff regarding to our project, so we always see what is pending to do, it would be like a virtual substitute for that.

it is something similar when you open a word document in office 365 from the web in two computer, both can write at the same time.


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