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I do not receive notifications for my Google Inbox emails


Mar 23, 2011
I just signed up for Google Inbox. I do not receive notifications when I get a new email even though I have followed all the instructions (see link below). Note these are un-bundled emails that since I have New Messages selected in Settings/Notifications my assumption is I would receive email notifications on my Samsung 3 phone.

Note before with Gmail I never had an issue with notifications. I even uninstalled Gmail, then uninstalled Inbox. I then re-installed Inbox only.

Here's what i did to solve that very problem. Note, I have the new Inbox by Google, in addition I have the old version that I left installed just in case.

Step 1) Go to settings in old Gmail, unchecked notifications.

Step 2) Go to settings in Inbox by Google, checked notifications.

Results... No Notifications

Step 3) Perform a soft reset... Notifications now working fine.

Seems to be a common issue. This also fixed it for my friend's that either did, or did not uninstall original Gmail.
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