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I don't have an Android yet, and I want to know - is Angry Birds really like this?


Feb 6, 2011
So, I'm from New York, and as anyone who appreciates good, unbiased news at 10pm on a Sunday night would do, I turn on Pix11 (CW 11 / old WB 11) for there news.

Of course, I step away, do things, and come back. And then I see Mr. Lionel - he's a real guy, opinionated to say the least, and unapologetic. Try to imagine a cross of Glenn Beck (from Fox News) and Bill Maher (from HBO).

Please go to this site: Lionel Blog ? WPIX-TV On the right side, you'll see a "Lionel's commentaries video". There's a scroll thing just below that, click "Angry Birds is the Middle East analogy"

What do you think?
This always happens, someone makes a fun game and extremists need to delve into

- why it was made
- who does it represent
- where is it happening
- what is it doing to our young
- how can we get rid of it

There are many examples of this, and it's only going to keep happening whenever someone (god forbid) comes up with a new idea. We can never have fun for fun's sake. They won't be happy unless we are all dull, lifeless drones and we are all on the IPhone so they can fully control our lives ;-)
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