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I have an issue with the Galaxy Nexus signal fiasco..


Android Expert
Apr 10, 2010
I see some posts in the G Nex section where some folks are saying its showing the correct signal, they dont want another phone that tells them lies with the signal, etc. I wanna have a lil discussion about this. This is in reference to the Anandtech article about the signal readings on the G Nex.

AnandTech - Investigating the Galaxy Nexus LTE Signal Issue

I have one question to ask: Does your phone only use LTE or does it use other networks too? IMO....since its a phone.....it showing LTE signal readings only is a lie too, or I might say is the real lie. We use CDMA, 1X, 3G, EVDO for the phone reception. 4G, LTE right now is only for data.

Until the time we are using VoLTE and/or 3G is phased out....dont you think the phone should show you the phone reception, and not the data reception?

There is a big problem with all this, someone said it best the other day: there are 2 issues going on and they are being lumped in together as one. 1 is the readings and 1 is the actual real world use of the phone. And some of us are thinking it fine to show only accurate LTE signals. Thats not what I would want. I understand we all dont have the same wants n needs...but to say its accurate is not entirely correct IMO. Its lying about the other network signal readings. Does it show the correct readings on the fly when 4G drops to 3G or 1X? If so...than no problem. If not...its inaccurate too.

To me....since its other networks your phone can use....and its all under 3G.....that should be the priority for signal readings. Case in point..I live n work in a bad reception area. And places I cant get data or get a very weak signal for data...I can still make and receive calls. I use my phone as a compass for finding a better reception spot with the decibel readings. It only showing an accurate LTE reading only wouldnt help me...I would be looking for a longer time in my case.

We have separate bars for Wifi, why not 4G, LTE too other than those up/down arrows?

If you are in a good to great reception area...it really wont effect you. For those of us that are in weak reception areas....it could be a problem. Whats amazingly ironic is that what I just underlined is the same thing with the iPhone 4 antenna issue....

So, am I alone in thinking it should show the other networks the phone uses? Who else feel its correct the way the G Nex is showing it?



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