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I need a decent phone for the Verizon network


Dec 16, 2012
I've been using an iPhone for I don't remember how long. But I'm ready to come back to android. The problem is... I only have a droid X2... it's like the red headed step child of the droid family. And honestly, it's insanely unstable. I had to factory reset my phone literally 500 miles from home. And that was just unacceptable in my eyes.

I need a reliable droid device. I don't need it to be current gen. And I plan to buy used. Can anyone recommend a reliable android device for Verizon? Hopefully for around 150-200 dollars?
Welcome to Android Forums, Unsought!:)
I have moved this thread into the Verizon forum so that those who are acquanted with VZW phones can read and post here, to help you make the right choice.

I personally have great reception and very reliable service with my SGS3 on VZW.
I am sure that it also depends on your location, as well as several other factors that might figure into which phone in their current linup might be most reliable for you.
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