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i need help from staff

I’m not staff but trying to understand... the Quick Reply box is just a handy way of adding a post to the end of that particular thread. After I click Post Quick Reply, this text I’m typing will appear up there and the box will turn empty, awaiting another post. I don’t know what you mean by ‘duplicate.’
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It looks like all that happened is that you posted a new thread (i.e. not with the quick reply box) three times. Presumably you hit the submit button three times.

Then a staff member here merged those three threads together, making it show as three identical posts inside of one threads. Another member pointed out the three copies, but by then two of them had been deleted by staff.

No other posts of yours are duplicated, so any time you've used the quick reply function it has worked fine. Just be careful not to hit the submit button on new threads more than once :)
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