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Root i need help rooting my htc one v

Ok no fear. The hard part is pretty much done then. Now that your bootloader is unlocked,you need to install a custom recovery,backup your current rom,and install a pre-rooted rom.

1. Install this recovery following the instructions listed here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1764183

2. Once you have flashed the recovery,power off the phone and hold down the power button and down volume button to re-enter hboot and select the recovery option. Once in TWRP recovery make a backup right away of your stock rom.

3. Now for a rom. You can select any you feel comfortable with. Be sure to install exactly as the rom creators thread states. Main thing is after you install the rom in recovery,reboot to hboot,fastboot and flash the boot.img for that rom. (Many roms either have the boot.img kernel linked for download or the author states to extract the boot.img from the rom itself and flash.) Take note that if you have installed any over the air updates from htc/virgin mobile since you have bought the device you may need to use a custom boot.img kernel to make certain roms not crash and reboot on you. Most roms that support the new Over The Air Updated devices will usually have an optional boot.img kernel you can flash in fastboot mode so your rom will work for you. Many of these kernels do have a few issues with bluetooth,etc but in most cases nothing so extreme as to not warrant using them. Also there are roms available for the OTA like sense based roms,etc that fully support the over the air updated device.

Disregard pm I sent you earlier,had not realized you had already performed the token id process.
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Also of note. Once you have a custom rom you like installed. You wont need to really keep your backup of the stock rom. There are optional stock,pre-rooted and debloated roms available to replace it with. Just keep the original stock available until you get the right custom rom for you installed and working as expected. Once it is,back it up and then you can delete the original backup and pick one of the stock pre-rooted,etc type roms like JMZ's stock variant or one of the other sense variants.
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