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I need help running RepetiTouch in Bluestacks

Hello to everybody in the forum. This is my first post and I hope that this forum will be very helpful with all my android questions.

I play Clash Of Clans a lot with Bluestacks emulator in my Windows PC and I like it a lot but despite of how much I like it I can't be in front of my computer all the time and sometimes the game auto log off. I get raid pretty badly after auto log off cause my town hall is level 8 and I'm upgrading defenses and other building and as you should know they are pretty expensive for town hall 8. The only way to get such amount of resources is by raiding multiple times. As a result my storage buildings spend a lot of time with great amount of resources until I get the amount I need for my upgrades and under the risk of a raid.

I searched the net for a solution and I found an article suggesting a solution using RepetiTouch app for android which is an autoclicker app. You're are supposed to use this app to auto farm your collectors and Clash Of Clans will not auto log off since is registering activity. The problem I have is that the app is not working correctly for some reason. I record my clicks like the tutorial say but when I hit play the app won't click as it's supposed to. I think it has to do with rooting or the like but I'm not sure. The article has no support section so I searched for an Android support forum where I guess there are lot of android experts hoping to find a better tutorial and support than the one provided by the article.

I hope that some expert here have found a solution for that app and is willing to share it with me. Thanks in advance.


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