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i wanna kill google chrome


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Oct 18, 2012
Jacksonville, Fl
OK I got chrome when I rooted a few months back and checked out for 5 mins thought it was OK. So I started using it again last week and oh man do I wanna blow this off my phone and right to the moon. I use chrome for computer and its blazingly fast well lets say the mobile version blows lol. My problems consist of the following.

1) extremely slow load up times my default browser is actually faster.
2) when I type into a box the keyboard fills the whole damn screen not allowing me to see what I'm writing. Default leaves me with half the screen to see what I'm doing.
3) it says it can't install the themes don't know why just says it can't install it.

I can just keep using my default browser but I like he lay out of chrome and the tabbed pages any help uld be awesome.
the stock browser sucked on ICS for me, as well as any version prior to it. it was version 4.1 before it seemed to fix that. but Dolphin Mini still seems faster to load pages up. perhaps it's just my hardware? Firefox, Opera, Chrome, stock, all are so slow. i could browse faster on dial-up the way they drag on.

Dolphin Mini is the only suitable Android replacement for those spoiled by iOS's Safari browser. i guess had i never had an iPad first i would never notice but still...
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