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I want to start with a new Play account, but can I migrate my old purchase records?


Mar 13, 2013
I would like to change my Play account to one with a more suitable name for me. I never was happy with the ID which I originally created under haste and duress (otherwise I wouldn't get to check out my first Android phone at all), and what I came up with reflected my sentiment towards the evil monopoly which I cannot avoid because it controls everything I want. Sometimes it may be more than just the machines which see that account name and I'd hate for people to take it personally, so I'd like to change this, plus I feel that it's a good security measure to change to a fresh account which is not connected to my YouTube and email history! Since I have quite a history of app purchases (I don't care what YOU think of me, at least I'm a good consumer :p), I would need to migrate THIS history to my new account. Is this possible?


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