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Help I want to use my old phone for work and new phone while off work, using the same number is that possible?

I want to use my old phone (I have 3) for work and new phone while off work, using the same number is that possible? Just swap sim card maybe?

Several reasons why. One, I'm 70 and fell last week and hit my head, fortunately, I was able to get up and keep working, but what if I can't get to the car to call for help? Also from time to time, I get locked out of my truck, so I would need to call towing to come get me back into my truck. In my work, the truck has to be kept running when I stop, which is over 100 times a night sometimes. I keep my new phone in the car. If it was my old phone, I'd have it in my yellow safety vest.
If you're American, you can use Google Voice. Be warned: Google has a habit of making people dependent on their services and then cutting those services off! So if you use Google Voice, don't be surprised if one day you find that both Google Voice and your phone number have disappeared.
Not going that route, both, Microsoft and Google have way to much control, power!:mad:
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Who's your carrier @jack58 . This article maybe helpful. Because it suggests Verizon Number Share and T-Mobile DIGITS.
I'm with T-Mobile and saw this on the website you gave me:

T-Mobile also offers a service called T-Mobile DIGITS that will allow you to share a number across multiple devices, including phones, watches, tablets and computers. If you're a T-Mobile customer, you can use the T-Mobile website or app to set up the service. Contact T-Mobile if you have questions about how to use DIGITS.

I will go down to T-Mobile or use chat to find out about this. I work from 11pm to 5am on weekends in some areas that are remote, very little traffic, some a lot of traffic. But even with traffic here in the NW, nobody stops to help, that is the way it is in the NW anymore. For an example, I fell and hit my head on a busy intersection and there were at least 10 vehicles at the light at the time, so I know some of them saw me fall and laying there and not one bothered to check and see if I was okay. I know I laid there at least a couple minutes stunned (maybe longer as I'm not sure if I got knocked out or not), then slowly moved to get up, that took a couple minutes. By the time I got to my pickup I seemed okay, did have some bloody cuts on the front of my head, but not bad. Now had that happened in one of the remote area I work in there might be a time I need to call/text my wife or 911 so I want a phone on my person. My Samsung S23 Ultra is too big to have on my person in my yellow safety vest, so it's in the pickup. It would have to be in my upper pockets as I lift boards etc all night long and no pockets are big enough for the big S23 Ultra. It's an expensive phone so I don't want to bang it up. I do have three other much smaller Samsung phones though and want to use one of those.

Anyways, thanks for the help... at the very worse I'll get another line and use one of my other three phones.
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