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Root ICS update...and install-recovery.sh problem

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Hi everyone. New poster here (although I have learned a lot from lurking!)
I think I have done something monumentally stupid in the midst of getting the ICS update, so many thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out of this mess! :eek: I'm a noob at most of this, although I will say that my phone is rooted, and has Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, CWM, and Voodoo RootKeeper installed.

So, the background...the ICS OTA update was pushed to my Droid4 this morning, but upon install, kept failing (a problem with install-recovery.sh). I did a few searches, but no one else getting the update seemed to be having the same issue (that I could find anyway...granted, I was half delirious from lack of sleep, and overly excited about ICS being pushed to my phone), so I decided to rename the offending file to 'install-recovery.sh.bak', just to see what would happen (I had done something similar to a different file with the previous OTA update a few weeks ago, and thought to myself -- what could go wrong? I told you I was a noob!)

Someone at this point will probably say 'uh oh'...which is much nicer than the words that came out of my mouth when I rebooted, and found that not only did the ICS update still not work, but now my entire system has gone crazy...apps and widgets are missing, I am not showing root explorer anymore (which means I can't go and undo my renaming error), TB, and I'm pretty sure I did a temp unroot with RootKeeper just before this whole thing went down.

I think (fingers crossed) that if I could just rename the install-recovery.sh file back to the way it was, everything would be magically fixed (well, except my ICS upgrade issue...but at this point I would settle for just getting my old phone back, and figuring out the ICS part later...)

thanks again for any help (and apologies if I've forgotten to include anything crucial...)

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