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ICS Update for Motorola Droid 4 - Now Pushing Out

I got the update, however my phone is having issues sending text message.

While typing the message it says converting to MMS but then fails to send?
My Droid updated this morning. Since then it will not connect to my email provider. A half hour call to verizon's tech support did not resolve the issue. They said the new update may not be compatible with my internet provider. Now what do I do?
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My phone downloaded the update yesterday morning. I've noticed my battery life is even worse now. On Ginger Bread with normal use I got 1.5-2 days, now with ICS I get 8 hours (roughly). ICS runs great on the phone. I'm just not happy with my battery life being 3 times worse now.

Hopefully there will be a patch for that.

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My wife's Droid 4 got the ICS update over the weekend, and she's had some problems.

She noticed significantly reduced battery life; she could generally go 1.5 days on a charge, and last night it dropped from 100% when she unplugged it to 88% in less than an hour of very light use (sent 2 or 3 texts).

Also, the messaging app and Gmail both have frozen up up when typing messages. I tried it myself, and got the same result whether using the physical or onscreen keyboard. The messaging app stops accepting input after about 70 characters and throws up a "Messaging has stopped. Wait or close?" error. Gmail stops taking input for several seconds, but if you delete the word that you were in the middle of it will continue for a bit.

I hate that this situation happened, but I'm glad that it came up right now. She's a teacher and has been busy getting things prepped for the first day of school. If not for that she probably would have run out of patience and dropped the phone in a blender.
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I am having an issue with the texting as well. I can only get about 10-15 characters before it freezes up. It does it on every text over about 10 characters, and I have to keep closing it out and trying again before I can get a VERY short message to finally go through. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Anybody gotten anywhere with Customer Service??

Also, can anybody tell me how to change the option of what happens when you plug a USB in to the phone. There used to be a "charge only" option and it is not there anymore. The Motorola Device Manager wants to start up everytime I plug it in, either that or the computer does the "new device found" thing.
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My Droid updated this morning. Since then it will not connect to my email provider. A half hour call to verizon's tech support did not resolve the issue. They said the new update may not be compatible with my internet provider. Now what do I do?

I actually had to delete my old email account (on the phone) and set it back up using a different outgoing port. When it comes to Verizon's tech support, they're pretty much worthless when it comes to specific devices and setting up email. I work at a local computer shop and our Verizon store actually sends people up this way when they can't figure it out.

I would try just starting from scratch and setting up the account again. If you have errors, try setting your outgoing mail port to something like 2626. It works for me, but my situation may differ from yours.
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Are you using the cable and charger that came with the Droid 4? My wife had the same issue b4 the update (charge to only 50%). We were using any cable that was plugged in where we charge our phone. Once she started using the Motorola cable and charger, it would charge to 100%.

Yeah I am. I also tried charging with the charger that came with my Nexus 7. It charges to 100% no problem. It's just it won't stay charged long.

I called Verizon before. They said the following are known issues on the Droid 4 since ICS.

1. Battery life is reduced. He told me that I'm the 10th person this morning that called about excessive battery drain.
2. Texting sometimes works/sometimes doesn't - They are looking into this issue atm.
3. Email works or doesn't - another issue they're looking into.
4. Phone will ring sometimes, not others. A person calls you, they get 4 rings and then your voicemail yet your phone doesn't ring - They said the reason for this is a bug during the software upgrade that remains in the background constantly. The guy told me that he had 3 people do a hard reset on their phones and it seemed to clear this us. I tried this and it helped me out as well.
5. LTE/3G switches back and forth eventhough you have a good 4G signal. He walked me through going to the network settings and locking the device to LTE/CDMA. (Menu-->System Settings-->More...-->Mobile Networks-->Network Mode-->LTE/CDMA (it's set for Global by default).
6. Poor reception - again another issue that they're looking into.

The guy told me that they are going to warranty my phone if it continues to have issues even though my phone is out of warranty. They are honouring this because of the issues that I am having.

SnaveZ :(
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Over the weekend I started adding applications and such back to my phone. I found a rather big bug in ICS. I added my Yahoo! and other gmail accounts to the email app on my phone. About 35-45 mins later I noticed my phone was starting to get real hot. I went to the battery screen to see what was using the most power and I noticed the email app was around 13%. 10 mins later I look again and it's up to 26%. Also from the time I added the other emails, my battery dropped from 85% to 55%. I removed the email accounts and charged up my phone Saturday night. Since then I haven't recharged my phone.

I call Verizon today about my findings. They told me, "We have been getting a lot of calls about this lately. We are working on a fix."

I ask, "when do you think we'll see something like this?"

He said, "well we're busy trying to get ICS out to other phones, but hopefully we'll get a fix out in the next 8 months."

Besides the other email address bug, I haven't really been having too many other problems.

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Is the upgrade to ICS optional or mandatory? Given the myriad issues, I'd like to decline the upgrade until the multiple bugs have been fixed.

The upgrade is NOT mandatory. Your phone will automatically download the update and will constantly prompt you. You'll have the option to tap Install Now or Install Later. I wouldn't recommend updating until they get these issues figured out.

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Any updates on the battery life issues? I'm starting to get annoyed of having to ignore it everyday.

Also does it effect the default gmail account or just yahoo/outlook/secondary gmail accounts. (the moto software seems to handle the default gmail and secondary gmail emails very differently.


Sorry for the late reply. No update on the battery issues besides Verizon tell me, "we're working on it."

For a temporary fix I've enabled smart actions. It pretty much turns off background data at all times (default setting is when the battery starts to get low). It's made a big difference in battery life, and by big I mean I can get a full 12 hours out of a charge now. As for the phone call issues, I'm still having those.

I found something else that was weird. I have a google voice number tied to this phone as well. If people call my actual mobile number it's a hit or miss, but if they call my Google Voice number the call comes through almost everytime. Not sure what that's about but it's yet another work around for the time being.

I'm going to put a call in on Monday and see what they say.

Have a good weekend all,

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