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Im getting a Nexus 7. I want to know some things before I get it.

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Dec 30, 2012
Hi!!! I am getting a Nexus 7 and have an issue: parental controls. I want to keep them OFF of the tablet. I am paying for this tablet in full and I am afraid my parents are going to try to lock it (I could remove it if I wanted, but they would just attempt to put it back on. I am 13 and my parents are freaking dumb when it comes to this. Like, Im opening computers and putting components in them like DDR-DDR3 RAM and PCI-E cards and my parents cant log on their own PC without my help.). I have already set up a firewall on my household network and spent an hour configuring it to block parental control-carrying websites. And before this goes off-topic, don't post "parents do things for your own good" or anything like that. They don't, and Im not going into detail. EVERY parental control they have put on me doesn't help, but instead turns around and hurts me. I don't want a lock on time for it because they will just leave it on through the year until I take it off and I don't want to be tracked and have to explain what the "pc component here" is.

That being said, what all can I do to avoid being parental controlled? Trust me, my parents have no idea how to be a parent.
As much as you don't want to hear this, if they decide to put parental controls on there, there's very little you can do to stop them.

Rather than ranting, how about you talk to them like an adult and explain why you don't believe you need parental control apps on there? They might well be pleased you've shown a degree of maturity and make an exception.

It would be wrong of us to assist in you going against your parents wishes (there's not much we could do anyway) so I'm locking this thread, if you've issues with that you're more than welcome to drop me a PM.
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