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I'm so Epic (4G)

Whats up everybody? I'm brand new here, I have my 2nd Android device, an Epic 4G, my first was the HTC Hero, after that I was hooked on android, I also plan on getting the android tablet, lol I love android so much I'm waiting on an Android OS for my NetBook HA HA! Seriously though, I have Rooted my Epic, last week using ZedoMax's 1 click root and now, I'm kinda like ok, now what can I do with this amazing phone??? I woild LOVE to have 2.2 on here, mainly for Apps 2 SD, and so I can accually use the front facing camera for the real purpose of it, either Yahoo Video Chat or Skype. The only thing I have done to it is add Wireless Tether, now thats a handy tool! Any neat Suggestions for apps let me know. Oh by the way, the only reason I would want to install a custom ROM is to stop all the "Bloatware" from automattically starting up. I want a way to manually choose when Sprint Navigation starts, and Sprint Nascar, Sprint NFL, Sprint blah Blah Blah! everytime I look at my app killer I have at least 7 or 8 things running that I didnt start. really aggrivating. Anyway! Hope that someone replies to this, I'm gonna go work on my profile now, See YA!
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Welcome to the unfortunate paradox of Android and task killers. In the newer versions of Android the OS has become aware of the state of background processes. When you task killer goes to terminate the process, Android see's that one of it's background processes has terminated and re-starts it.

With the bloatware apps it might be prudent to just freeze them till you want or need them. You can use paid apps like Titanium Backup or Bloat Freeze to freeze the apps. When you decide you want to use them, simply go into the app you used to freeze the bloatware and unfreeze it.
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