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Root [Info Elf II ROM] DarkElf Custom ROM for Ainol NOVO7 Elf II by SoulFlier


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Jun 28, 2012
Whats DarkElf?
A. This is one of the first (if not the first) custom (not made by Ainol) ROMs for the Ainol Elf II. This isn’t a Cyanogenmod port or any other port, it is just a tweaked firmware based on the stock one (so its obviously ICS).

The latest release (1.1 as of this post) is based on the stock ROM of 17/07/2012, Soulflier the developper usually tweaks the stock firmware deleting all of the unwanted chinese applications Ainol includes, he also pre-installs all of the Google Apps that are missing from the stock ROM (like Youtube, Gmail, etc…) and replaced the stock ICS apps with other better alternatives (ex: Gallery replaced with QuickPic). Soulflier also figured out a way to fake the tablet identity to make games (that weren’t supported by the stock ROM) work correctly as if they were installed on a Samsung phone/tablet.
below download/other links taken out by me the source at bottom is where you'll find them

[Elf II][ROM] DarkElf Custom ROM for Ainol NOVO7 Elf II

This custom ROM is for the Ainol NOVO7 Elf II (2) ONLY!

Current version: DarkElf v1.1

DarkElf v1.1 unrestricted (no device verification during ROM install). Download
Use this version only if you have this error when trying to install DarkElf after another ROM:
" assert failed: get prop("ro.product.device") == "g06ref" l l getprop("ro.build.product") == "g6ref"
E: Error in /temp/sideloader/package.zip
(status 7)
installation aported

DarkElf v0.2
DarkElf v0.3
DarkElf v0.5
DarkElf v0.6
DarkElf v0.7
DarkElf v1.0

DarkElf v1.1
Based on 0717 official firmware
HDMI Dual-display (enabled by default, Settings->HDMI)
Fast Wi-Fi
Battery percentage display
Working version of YouTube preinstalled
ES file explorer
QuickPic instead of Gallery application


A microSD card is needed for this ROM to work correctly.
Based on 0717 official firmware
HDMI Dual-display
Fast Wi-Fi
Battery percentage display
Working version of YouTube preinstalled
The rom does not wipe data. Wipe the data partition manually if you have Force Close issues or app errors.
Google Play (Market) installed
Google Play Store compatibility fix
Other Google Apps installed
SetupWizard starts on first startup
You can select your language on the first screen of the SetupWizard, default location is US
Additional languages (language list: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Lettish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese).
Face Unlock added
Themed bootanimation
Option to auto-hide/always hide status bar, in other words full screen mode (The default is auto-hide, you can go to Settings->Display->Hide status bar to change it)
Physical Home button works as Back button, the long press of the Home button works as Home
The microSD is mounted as /sdcard/ and the internalSD is mounted as /sdcard/external_sdcard.
Upgrade application for easier update installs
Preinstalled Flash Player (Amlogic version, hardware acceleration)
Trebuchet launcher
build.prop mods:
Device model set to Samsung GT-I9100 for Gameloft games compatibility
WiFi scan interval = 180
Sleep policy enabled
GPS enabled (the Elf II does not have internal GPS, this update is for external GPS device support only. Use TetherGPS application to share your phone's GPS signal with your Elf II)
HDMI supports 480p output (720x480 progressive)
Camera's pictures are stored on SD first
adb enabled by default, the adb notification is hidden
CPU modes set to: power saving=600MHz, normal=1000MHz, performance=1320MHz (at startup the CPU works at 1200MHz maximum)

For those who still want to use the internalSD as sdcard here is a revert patch:

Planned changes (don't wait for any of this, they may or may not be implemented):
Performance fix (v1.1 has worse performance than 1.0 had)
Auto-Correct/Dictionary Fix
Fixed versions of Google Music, Google Videos, Youtube
Feiyu's kernel
Georgian language

Here is a sample of using external GPS source.


Phone: Google Nexus S (CM9 nightly)
Tablet: Ainol Novo7 Elf II (DarkElf v0.6)
App: TetherGPS and Sygic GPS navigation

You have to enable GPS in settings on both devices.
Connect to Wi-Fi (you may create a wifi AP on your Phone and connect to it with your Elf).
Start tetherGPS server on your phone, start tetherGPS client on your Elf.
Use a GPS application on your Elf II. It should get the coordinates through wifi from your phone.

IMG_20120618_173405.jpg Screenshot_2012-06-18-11-40-23.jpg Screenshot_2012-06-18-13-03-48.jpg Screenshot_2012-06-19-05-36-57.jpg status_on_off.jpg


How to install
Method A: Recovery
Copy the DarkElf_v1.1.zip to your SDcard
Charge up the battery
Power off the Elf II and remove the charger
Press and hold the Power button and the Volume- button at the same time. When the green droid appears you can release the buttons.
In the recovery you can move with the Volume- button, you can select with Power or Volume+
Select apply update from sdcard
Select DarkElf_v1.1.zip
Wait for the update to finish
Select reboot system now

Method B: Upgrade application (from DarkElf 1.0)


Source:ciao: (i had to shorten url due to link corrupting itself with **** something on this site makes it replace with stars?!)


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