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ainol novo 7

  1. J


    DEAD CHEAP PRICE, INCLUDES OVER 400 APPS, 100+ OF WHICH HAVE BEEN BOUGHT FROM HUMBLE BUNDLE, IT IS A BARGAIN AT THIS PRICE. It features some custom firmware, and the firmware was updated, *I think to 4.3, have to check!!!* THE TABLET IS BEING SOLD AT SOME $149 ON THE OFFICIAL AINOL SITE...
  2. M

    Ainol Novo 7 Touch screen not working

    Hello my Ainol Novo 7 tablet battery completly drained, when I turned it on everything looked fine until i went to use it, only half of the touch screen works. I can use the other half if i rotate the tablet. Has anyone else faced this problem and have any solutions. It is the top half of the...
  3. B

    Root Internal sd card issue!

    Hey guys, I have the ainol novo 7 legend and I recently encountered a problem with my internal sd card. So basically, whenever I download any song to my internal sd card in my tablet, it sayd unable to read this file even though its a basic mp3 file and works on my pc ! Another problem is that...
  4. M

    Problem with driver and firmware update

    Hi! Could anyone help about driver and firmware update on tablet Ainol Novo7 Crystal. Thanks alot.
  5. M

    Driver for Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet

    Hello, I have Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet. As some of you know that while developing android apps on eclipse if you want to directly run your app on a real device (in my case which is Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet) then you need to install that device driver on your pc/laptop. After...
  6. F

    Problem Ainol Aurora 2 + Feyiu 4.1.2 = problems with forgetting of settings

    Hi, I gave got Aurora 2 and installed Feyiu 4.1.2, done the settings (language, account) however these problems occurred: 1. I cannot install any apps from the store - I open the store, find the app, click on install, allow rights and then download seemingly starts but in fact never moves...
  7. bubbasd

    Root CM11(4.4.2), CM10.2 (4.3.1), AOKP (4.3.1), PA 3.99RC (4.3.1) + 2 more Custom Roms - Cortex A9 Links.

    so busy now days havnt been able to update my posts as much as i wanted but these links keep up to date with rom developments. roms for Ainol Elf2 / Aurora2 , Ainol Fire (TM, QM and NP), Ainol Hero, Ainol Crystal, Zenithink C97, Zenithink C93 1F, Zenithink C93 2F, Mediacom 860S2 - Mediacom...
  8. M

    Help elf 2 rom

    hi fellas, any new rom for elf 2? kitkat preferably 'cause i heard it is lighter that jelly beans;) zzko forums where lots of rom related page seemed to have gone. thanks for any info.
  9. C

    Help Crystal II FW update & remove bloatware

    Hi all, I'm sure I've read something similar to this before but can't seem to find it and just wanted to double check. Is it possible to update the Crystal II with the official FW but remove all the junk that's usually put on with these at the update stage by removing them and repackaging...
  10. M

    Help Shortcuts to downloaded

    I've researched this site and others trying to find how to create shortcuts to downloaded email attachments without any success. I want this shortcut to be displayed either on list of applications. or on my desktop.
  11. S

    Help Tablet product tools software malfunction

    Hello. I currently own an ainol novo 7 Venus and I would like to update to the 4.2.2 firmware. But when I try to load the firmware in the tablet production tools software it does not load. I have watched videos and read a lot of articles about the procedure. Still I cannot complete the process...
  12. M

    Help Elf II youtube app crash

    After installed youtube app, it simply crashed when I tried to launch it. I read somewhere that this is caused by newer youtube app. Where can I grt older versions that works on elf 2?
  13. Z

    Help wont load up

    Tablet won't load up. I turn it on and it says "ainol novo 7 crystal quad core." Then it comes up with "ainol" and flashing lights around it, it wont come off that screen. One day I left it on all day and it didn't load up.:confused:
  14. Z

    Help crystal drivers

    Hello, I have a novo 7 crystal and i'm trying to do a firmware upgrade but I've got no drivers, does someone have a free download for me?
  15. bubbasd

    Root [Rom Info] Astronautica Aurora2 1.5 by fuser-invent (2013-05-28)

    ---------------------------------------------------- fuser-invent's original post below download/other links taken out and Changes by me check the source link below for those read on. ---------------------------------------------------- [I]Astronautica Aurora II v1.5 by fuser-invent ---...
  16. Z

    Help install android 2.3

    I have android 4.2 and I have a Trojan that can't be removed. I want to install a new android, how do I do that?
  17. bubbasd

    Root [RomInfo] Juniper Elf 2 v1.1 by DaNish AsHraf (Dated 11/06/2013)

    Note: This is DaNish-AsHraf's Juniper Elf 2 V1.1 (Dated 11/06/2013) ---------------------------------------------- download links in source at bottom of the topic dated 2013-06-11 ----------------------------------------------...
  18. bubbasd

    Root [RomInfo] Feiyu 4.22 (0607) (2013-06-08)

    ---------------------------------------------- Download links in source at bottom of the topic Updated 2013-06-08 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feiyu 4.22 (0607) original topic: link elf2_4.22_by_feiyu_(0607).zip @ link...
  19. L

    Help Novo 7 venus Problem

    I have the Novo 7 venus and worked fine for about a month. Then, the tablet started to get stuck when I was using it. So I had had to keep performing a soft reset for a bunch of times. After this had happened a lot, it started getting stuck in the first loading screens. Obviously, the tablet...
  20. E

    Help Nova 7 Fire external card setup help

    I have a Nova 7 Fire and everything I have looked at for setting up the external card slot as internal storage for app2sd functionality is either vague of device specific. The device was pre-rooted (?) when delivered and I know I need to edit the vold.fstab file, but I dont know what to edit it...
  21. bubbasd

    Root [Rom Info] Elenari Elf2 v1.5 by fuser-invent

    ---------------------------------------------------- fuser-invent's original post below download/other links taken out and Changes by me check the source link below for those read on. ---------------------------------------------------- Elenari Elf2 v1.5 by fuser-invent --- Hybrid ROM...
  22. bubbasd

    Root [Rom Info] Anti-Hero 1.7 by fuser-invent (Updated)

    Rom's For Novo 10 Hero Only This is fuser-invent's post's below download/other links take out by me the source is where you'll find them below. Updated correction made ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ROM]...
  23. J

    Help Ainol novo 7 elf need some advice !!!

    I have a novo 7 elf that I've bad for about 10 months now but to be honest I've not been too happy with it. It was purchased from gadgetfreakz (uk) and has never been as good as hoped. It was purchased to mainly browse the Internet, watch movies (bbc player and TV catchup) and for playing...
  24. bubbasd

    Root [Rom Info] Crystal Clear 2.0 by fuser-invent (Updated)

    Rom's For Novo 7 Crystal Only This is fuser-invent's post below download/other links take out by me the source is where you'll find them below. Updated and Source has been updated too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  25. bubbasd

    Root [RomInfo] Feiyu JB 4.1.2 / Hero / Flames / Elf 2 / Aurora 2

    Lifeiyu's post below download/other links taken out by me (Translated by microsoft translator, highlighting + font resize and a couple words changed) the source at bottom of topic is where you'll find them. [ROM release] AML MX Duo model 4.12 flight feathers compiled spirits on Lunar New Year...