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Help Installing apps on a new device

The apps that I've installed onto my HTC Desire are associated with my Google account that I've linked my Galaxy Tab to.

I'm sure I read somewhere that I should just go to My Apps and they should be listed there ready to download. This isn't the case. The only two apps listed there are Google Maps (which needed updating) and an app that needs updating on my Desire. No other apps are listed on the Market app, but when I click on My Account, it opens the browser and displays all the apps installed on my Desire.

Am I missing something obvious?
Confirmed by Google:

Your previously ordered apps won't appear on your tablet like you describe. However, your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device.

To download your apps to a second device, sign on to the Market website market.android.com. Then click “My Market Account”. You can see a list of the apps you have previously ordered here.

You can download the apps from the web site by clicking on the app, then click “Install” or “Installed”. The Checkout page will open.

Half way down the page, from the drop down box labeled “Send To Another Device” choose the new device.

Repeat the above for each app you want on your new device.

You can also just download the apps from the Market app on the tablet.
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