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Internal audio recorder app for S22 (and android tablets)


Nov 1, 2010
I'm looking for an app I can install on my S22 and my android tablet (Samsung A8) that will record internal audio.

I know my phone has the screen recorder app but I don't want to recording to be in a video format, I want it to be in mp3 or other audio format.

For instance, if I'm listening to a radio show or game on my phone or tablet, I want to make an audio recording of that show or game.

Is there an app that will do this?
I'm willing to pay for it, so money is not an issue.
Not quite sure just what you mean by '...record internal audio' as you're implying your phone has multiple audio processors in it that can concurrently send audio out signals to multiple sources. But there's just the one, and that handles all the audio in and audio out signals, and those get distributed accordingly (i.e. internal speakers or Bluetooth processor).
Anyway, I'm going to suggest you try 'Simple Voice Recorder' from Simple Mobile Tools. I've become a big fan of their products and their Simple Voice Recorder is Open Source (no ties to business influences) and free with no ads. Be sure to go into the app's Settings menu to initially set it up. (That's something you should do with all the apps you use.)
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