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Mods Internal Storage limitation

I have an Android based tablet which has a internal storage, phone storage and a 32gb external storage and I want to switch storage abilities to make my 32 gb storage the default storage for apps and files. I have done an exhaustive research and it is possible to do it but you have to go all around the world with scrip alterations and root processes which there is always the error message saying you do this at your own risk and most of these methods seem to be outdated as they were posted in 2010 or 2012.

My reason to do this is when I download something from Google Play Store, my internal storage is saying I do not have enough storage and refuses to continue to allow the download, but there is approxiatemately 138mb available and the app is around 16mb and if I choose in Settings / storage/ primary storage/ phone Storage it shows available 303 mb available and still I get this insuficent storage space available warning and I have over 29.00 gb available in the external drive. I have used mose sd card movable apps which are severily limited in functions and only move a very few apps.

What can I do in LAYMAN terms to accomplish what I want to do. The tablet is a Kocaso sim enabled 4.2 android set up and it works great.
Firstly, from what I've consumed, information wise, about Android, Memory, and Garbage Collection is that Android doesn't like it when you're below a certain amount of system memory (just like any Other OS does) and will REALLY complain if you try to do something like install/update an app in such a way that it would hit that mark. So you could "see" several hundred Mb of storage available, but it's earmarked a certain amount and isn't kind enough to tell you What that amount is until you try to do something like update an app.

Now moving apps to the SD is a good first try. When I configure my apps now, I make sure to change every available "storage" option to my SD, but unfortunately, that's not always enough as the more updates an app gets, the bigger it tends to get as well. Also set things like cache settings within an app to their lowest setting. IE: I have a gaming library app that lets me choose how high quality I want the image thumbnails to be. As with any image, the higher the MP, the bigger the file.

Freezing apps is also a good thing to try. If you go into the All Apps section of the Android Settings, then you'll get a list of all the apps (downloaded And preinstalled). Go down the list and for each app you're not using (IE: I have my Own alarm app I use), click the "Disable" button, then the "Clear Data" button, back out, and move onto the next app. If the "Disable" button isn't clickable then the manufacturer has locked that from being Easily disabled. What this is doing is keeping the app from running, period. Most apps have some part of them that runs in the background now and then (especially the ones you're really not using) and that eats up available RAM. Freezing an app stops this, but make sure to only freeze apps that aren't essential to the device to run normally. If you're not using that "Video Streaming" app, then Freeze it. Don't freeze things like "Calendar Storage" as all hell would likely break loose.

If you are feeling adventurous, then you could consider Rooting your device (if possible) and then using Link2SD to help manage that space. The way it works is every time you install an app, it puts part of the app on a larger, semi-hidden partition on your SD card (that you created when preparing for the app's use). This way the memory footprint gets cut in half on average and you're doing better than before.

My first phone I rooted only had like 512Mb of usable storage, but with the app I could make a 4Gb partition on the SD card and man did it make a difference. Unfortunately, my new phone runs Android 4.4 (be cautious if you're given the option to upgrade beyond 4.3!!!) and doesn't seem to have a root option (yet) and I had to rethink things, but it also has 4Gb of internal memory, so my apps aren't an issue really now.
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