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Internal storage to SD card??


Android Question

I have a lg Optimus F3 phone. I was trying to update my apps and everytime I try it says I have insufficient storage. So I bought an 8GB SD card and I tried to update my apps again and it is still saying I have insufficient storage. So I went to the storage in my phone and I noticed that everything is saving to my internal storage and not the sd card and I've tried looking through everything on my phone and I can not figure out how to move the files from my internal storage to my sd card. Can someone please help?

Thanks in Advance,

You cannot save or run apps from the sd card with Android v4 onwards (unless rooted). You can save data to sd card - photos videos music documents etc. Most apps eg camera have a setting to make the sd card or external storage the default storage location. You can move existing data by using a file manager program stich as ES file manager (just like moving files on a pc)

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