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Root [International] Remove Google Now from CheckRom ICS install

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
I just installed Checkrom V4 on my phone, and using KitchenPro, I installed Google Now as well. Problem is, Google Now doesn't work on ICS it seems and it's taken over from S Voice, which even though crappy, still serves some purpose when driving.

I can't seem to figure out what packet Google Now is. Does anyone know how to remove it?

I'm running Checkrom V4 as well, and it's my guess that the dev's removed S-Voice in it's totallity from this rom. I think the dissapearence of S-Voice had nothing to do with you installing Google Now. (but I'm new to this and I might be wrong).
CheckROM removes (or suppresses??) the standard Samsung apps. You can resintall them all again from the KitchenPro, which I have done. S Voice is on my phone ad working, but Now has taken over the double tap combo, and I can't disable it. This means that the completely useless Now will pop up when I try to do things while driving.

In titanium I can see "Google Search v2". Perhaps that's it?
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