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Root [International Tegra 3] please im begging for help


Jun 13, 2012
I think i have deleted my whole android system on my daughters one x. i went into bootloader mode and started to delete things TRYING to reset her phone back to factory setting. now it wont boot at all and she will be devastated please can anyone guide me on what to do here.

ive deleted the rom... im stuck on whit boot screen that says quietly brilliant been trying to install new rom but cant drag files onto sd card as computer doesnt recognise phone

please help me
Hi my friend. yes bootloader is unlocked, and clockwork was installed. she is on UK THREE network. its my fault. i went into i think the bootloader...*pressing volume down whilst powering off* and just started to delete things from there she asked me to do a full reset as her phone was sluggish. now i cant bring the phone up on the computer to drag files onto it to reinstall a rom. now when i boot the phone it just stays on quietly brilliant.

hope you can help
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Can you still get into the bootloader/clockwork? Do you know which version of clockwork is on there? The latest version is here: 9/6 Mandatory Update Official Clockworkmod Touch Recovery - xda-developers.

The latest version will allow you to mount the phone as a disk drive to the PC so you can copy stuff (a ROM) to your SD Card.

If you've already got clockwork on there, are you ok with flashing the latest version?
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i think so in the bottom left it says clockworkMod recovery v5.8.2.7 ive been into all available things like

reboot system now
install zip from sdcard
wipe data/factory reset and nothing works.

im stuck!! and ive tried to mount sd card via this and it still doesnt show up on my laptop. i dunno what to do here
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The latest version is, flash that via the link above and it will allow you to mount the phone as a disk on your laptop.

1. Download the latest version of clockwork via the link above
2. Copy the img file to the folder that contains the fastboot.exe on your laptop
3. Boot the phone into the bootloader (the white screen with the 3 skate boarding Androids at the bottom
4. Select Fastboot and connect the phone to your PC, it should say "Fastboot USB" about a 3rd of the way down the screen
5. Open a command prompt, navigate to the fastboot folder.
6. Type "fastboot flash recovery XXX.img" (minus the quotes and replace XXX with the name of the recovery image
7. Let it do it's thing, then disconnect the phone from the PC
8. Boot into recovery
9. Once loaded, connect the phone to the PC again, head to mounts and storage and select USB, the phone should appear as a separate drive on the laptop.

Let me know if that works.
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