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internet using metro pcs


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Jan 3, 2013
does metro pcs have the ability now to do internet like t mo has? if so how does that work compared to t mo? i had a t mo trashcan about 3 years ago to test and it seemed to be a good unit. i live close th there 5g towers and according to the t mo website they show me in the 5g tower shadow.

anyway one reason i did not keep it was i could not port my cameras thru that modem, so did they ever get that resolved? i understand they have 2 types of modems for the internet one the t mo forum called a trashcan being it looked like a small can. but i have heard they now have a different unit that is better.

we have metro pcs phones and i wonder if we can hook up one of those internet modems onto our account. also what is the price for these now? back then they were 60$ per month. and i never did find out if they allowed wifi calling when we are home like the comcast modem does, because i had that modem running i never tried to see if the phones worked thru it.

and if i could connect my tv to it? on comcast i get 10 channels so i have ota signals but we do use the roku box so that has to work on the metro modem.

also because we are retired i wonder if they have plans for retired folks? or even for retired army folks being im retired from the guards after 22 years with them. back 3 years ago the t mo modems took a back seat to phone for using the towers but for me i seemed to always get between 70 and 200 mbps during the day and night with 4pm to about 7pm being the slowest speed times but still plenty fast as i get 50 mbps on comcast.

so what is the price now for internet with metro?
do they alow porting for cameras yet?
will they let our phones use wifi for calling in the home like the comcast modems do?
will they allow internet streaming boxes to connect to them?
and do they have unlimited data? being we use pc's and the roku box and phones.

does metro pcs have the ability now to do internet like t mo has?
Yes, Metro also offers home internet for $50 per month (with auto pay):

will they let our phones use wifi for calling in the home like the comcast modems do?
will they allow internet streaming boxes to connect to them?
If the Metro modem has built in WiFi - Yes.
If it doesn't you'd need to add a router for WiFi.

do they alow porting for cameras yet?
Do you mean port forwarding? You'd have to check with Metro.

Or do you mean simply connecting an always on security camera to your home internet network? I don't know what kind of security setup you have, but generally speaking: If the cameras use WiFi see the answer above, if they use an Ethernet cable then the modem (or your router, or switch) would need an Ethernet port for each camera. Not sure why the old one would not work for doing this so you might want to check with Metro.

do they have unlimited data?
The site says "unlimited 5G home internet" but I'd guess they slow you down after a certain amount... don't see that info on the site.
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ok i forgot that when i had the t mo trashcan about 3 years ago or so i had to connect the router to the t mo modem and that got me thru to the internet with the phones. it got my cameras thru to my home but not when i was away from the home. and that was a big topic on the t mo forums. at that time t mo was 60$ auto pay and when i returned it i had a hell of a time getting them to stop billing me. i had to go to the corner t mo store and they helped me stop the billing. and they did not have those trashcans at the time. i got it over the internet.

i was hoping by now the t mo and or metro would have updated the firmware to allow porting thru them. yea i ay be port forwarding. i have my cameras set up for them now so i can see them thru the netgear router/modem.

the only thing will be if they limit data at the end of the month. i do not know how much data i now use thru comcast, but i guess i can go to my account a find out. we have 10 channels thru comcast now and 50 mbps speed and we pay 100$ for that. so like i said i do not want to drop them for t mo or metro and then find out they throttle me back to 25 mbps during the day and then when i'm sleeping allow me unlimited speed. i know phones take priority but this modem does us a phone line

maybe some others will stop by and say what they get and if it is worth it. and maybe now if they can port there cameras thru the modem yet. plus if there is any data caps and if so what those might be?
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T mo 5g home internet is all you need to run everything.
It will encompass your Wi-Fi, cameras, phones, and why do you use Comcast for cable TV?
Switch to streaming and save yourself tons of money per month, Bob.
I use YouTube TV in place of cable TV and it's only $65 a month. And it includes all of your local channels as well, along with a unlimited DVR
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thanks. i had the t mo 5g trashcan like 3 years or so ago and it did not allow cameras outside the home. so that i why i asked to see if they now do port forwarding?
we do comcast because that is wall we get here. i do have a roku box and we watch a lot of tv on it but to get internet cheaper i had to get the cable box on a plan. i did find out i may be able to get comcast business for like 40$ per month without tv for 12 months so if i go that route i have antennas and get like 40 channels ota.
i do not want to pay 60$ for internet and 65$ for you tube as i can do that all now for 100$ with the cable box and roku.

so that is why i asked here to see how the metro or t mo internet is advancing now. if they allow port forwarding then i can use the ota for tv and also the roku box for other channels but what i do not need is to get throttled back every month if i was to get some data cap from the t mo internet.

when i had it 3 years ago i did not use it that much for tv as i was trying to get the cameras thru the box and on the t mo forum all the talk was about people having issues doing the same thing. they did not talk much about data limits. so if i do not get data limits that may be the best choice as if i did go with comcast business for 40$ you know in a year they will jack it up and t mo claims they do not jack up the price over the years.

i asked about the metro unit because we have metro for phone service and having one of those might help with the data limits. we both now have 2gb data per month each on our phones and i can get past that limit in a few weeks looking at my cameras a few time's a month when out of the house. it adds up fast with them
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well it still looks like the t mo and metro internet is not very good. so i wonder it at&t or verison have internet that allows port forwarding? it looks like some may have got the t o to work it is pointless to pay for the t mp modem and then keep a pc running and then get a vpn and pay for that and on and on by the time your done you may as well pay comcast or spectrum or cox or whoever and not have to go thru all this work.
i was also looking at frontier as they seem to now have fiber out my way but they jacket ther prices up also. theywere at 50$ a month and now the people on the local forum tell me that frontier jacked up ther prices to well over what i pay. some said about 120$ per month and so far i'm at 100$ per month.
i guess i could try for hughes net but there speed is terrible and about the same price. let see if at&t or verison may have high speed internet that you can actually use. something that might let you see your ip cameras away from home and let you use your pcs and your tv streamer, i use the roku box so that has to be able to get online. i do not mind if i have to put all my items on the router and then put the router on the internet modem as that should be just a cable. some do that now anyway with their modem and then they use ther own routher, but i use a combo just to save the hassle. i did try separate but it was a hassle keeping it going.

so maybe some her know if at&t or verison have internet. we have those in my town for phone service.
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frontier is available for 50$ but i have to find out there speeds. years ago i had them for internet and it was 15kbps. yepper 15kbps. cable internet was not yet available and when it was we jumped on that at 15mpbs and then a few years later it went to 25mbps and then 50mbps if i pay 50$ more i get 75mbps. but 50mbps work out good. but if frontier has good speeds then at 50$ per month i will jump over to them and they lock that for 2 years and then i will play the price game and switch back to comcast. i do not know how they connect to the house now but back then they used the phone lines and they were so bad that my brother just down the road got 20kbps on his internet and they said i got lower speed because the lines were so bad the noise made the rate drop down. so lets hope frontier now has better wires. thanks
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i had my cameras on wifi and that did not work. you may be talking cloud but by the time i put 8 ip cameras and my 8 cam nvr network on the cloud i might as well pay the 100$ a month for cable and not have to deal with cloud payments.

i do not get verison or at&t internet in my area. i do have frontier but the dsl modems i looked them up for speed and they get 5 to 30mbps i get 50mbps now 30mbps would work but years ago when we did not have cable internet available in our are yet. we had cable but no internet i had dsl and by brother 2 city blocks down the road he got 15kbps yes kbps and i got 10kbps the phone company said it was because i was a bit further from the exchange box. and the noise in the wires.
so i hate to get frontier if all the have is the potential of 5 to30 mbps and can't guarantee 30mbps and if i was to get fiber that would cost more than i now pay for over 100mbps but 50mbps is fast enough for me for what i dio
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