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Help IP Cam Viewer timeout on 4G, no timeout on Wifi?


Mar 15, 2011
On previous phone/network (Thunderbolt/VZ) had no issues continuously streaming home IP camera feeds to phone over VZ's network, same as using wifi. Since moving to the S3/ATT, I can only stream the feed for < 5 seconds until the feed freezes. This does not happen when using the S3/wifi. Note that the very same behavior happens when testing the app on an ATT tablet using the 4G network.

I contacted the developer, who is very quick to respond, but he did not know where the issue is. Played with various app settings to no avail. the only way to recover the feed is to close the app, clear memory, count to 67.5, and try again. Any help is appreciated.

App: IP Camera Viewer Pro
Looking for software update responds with "your software is up to date". I tried it again just to see if it really connected and sure enough "please check again in 24 hours."

Looking through the settings, when I turn data off, it turns all data abilities off. It seems the only option for data is a master switch so to speak.
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