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ip camera search tool


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Jan 3, 2013
does anyone happen to know of a good universal type ip camera search tool? i have a bunch of foscam ip cameras and i now use the foscam search tool but today i tried a few of my other ip cams that are not foscams and the search tool did not find them. so i would like to find a universal type search tool or even an ip cam program that is not a memory hog to take my current search tool's place.

i have the foscam program and it will find other cameras but it takes all the available memory and then crashes the pc so i use it to find cameras and change the network parameters but that program still hogs the memory,

so maybe someone can recommend a good program that will run all ip cams and not be a memory hog. i did not find anything that seemed to work

thanks but that looks like an android app, i need one for the pc. i have tinycam now for the androids. and that one is from alex valsilyev but he does not help much anymore he may be just to busy. i may try some of those from robert chou he may have a better app now years ago they were not so good.
the one i got last night did a good job for fingine the foscam cameras but i do not yet know if it will find other cameras it is called security eye today i'm going to try the heimvision and the wanscam to see if this app will see them and operate them.
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