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Jun 30, 2010
Hey guy's im new in Android dev ( a few months) i have an iptv business and would like to have my own app for viewing ..the apps that are out there or not the greatest and some the source code are impossible to find to mod ..
i need to read from url :h.t.t.p://link.xyz:83/get.php?username=$User&password=$pass&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
so i need an activity to login and set the login details in the $user and $ pass
so it load a M3u file that contains the channel information and links to the TS file or M38u movie.
So parsing the m3u file and showing the content(grouped)
i know that there is a repo on git from Alexander that uses the iptvcore for player but the core is not opensource..
can somebody help me?
thx guy's
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Oh I see, the client app actually relies on the Core IPTV app being installed.
In that case, I don't think this can be tested on the emulator. You'll need to deploy and test on a real device.
And as for changing the look of the Core IPTV app, that's not possible, unless the developer gives you the source code, or they change it for you.
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It's in pretty poor shape. There's a missing class called "Login".
Also references to missing resources.
Plus you'll need to download the google-services.json, which can be generated by going to https://developers.google.com/mobile/add
So it needs a bit of work just to get it in a buildable state.

And then looking through the code, it's relying on an external player being installed MX Player, so I don't think this app is a stand alone video player. Is that what you were expecting?
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That Login class does exist in their Git repository, but what I did was just download the zip file. That's not complete.
I think what I'll do is add Github as a source repository, and do a pull request.

I don't have an Android TV Box.
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Works ok in the emulator. Video plays too.

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ok..finally got it to run..Git and also needed to download google.jsk file and change the path..

so it loads seems ok in login java file I see commented code for verifying url that is good. I switch it to that.

is this correct?

http://server.org:83/get.php?username=\" + mEmailView.getText() +\ "&password=\" + mPasswordView.getText() + \"&type=m3u&output=ts"
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So the next lesson you have to learn is how to debug your code. This will involve running the app in debug mode - It's under the 'Run' menu, or SHIFT+F9. Setting breakpoints at crucial lines will allow you to trace the execution and work out what's happening.
Mastering skills like this is vital if you want to be an effective Android programmer.
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