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Is it bad to charge the Droid 4 in a case?

I hope that this isn't a bad question, but I could not find any threads on this matter. So basically, I recently bought this Droid 4 case from Amazon, and when I go to charge the phone in the case and then go to hold the phone, the backside is moist. I figure that this is a normal occurrence since my last phone did this too; however, I want to keep this battery as "healthy" (for lack of better words) as possible. I'm just wondering if I should perhaps at least take off the back cover when I charge the phone, or does it really not matter?
Well it's more of being able to see the outline of my fingers on the backside of the phone when I grab it. I figure that it's just due to the warmth of my hand and the warmth of the battery, but hey, it might just be my fingerprints for all I know! (The oils from my fingers, I mean.) It only occurs when I charge the battery, though.
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