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Help Is it difficult to unlock the T-Mobile version of the Oneplus 8?


Jan 15, 2022
Right now the Oneplus 8 is on sale on the oneplus official website for 250 dlls. The problem is that I need the international version and that one is out of stock right now but the T-Mobile version is available. Should I buy the T-Mobile version and just unlock it? Is that possible? I also don't want all the crapware that T-Mobile installs in their phones. Can I install the original OS without it being too high of a risk of me messing up the phone forever?

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this and I appreciate any advice I can get
If you need the international version, the USA version may share some frequencies but I believe that some are different as well.

Unlocking the device will not change this.

A device that is locked to a carrier is subject to be used on that carrier for a prescribed amount of time (usually one year) before a carrier will unlock it, and then they may also charge a fee.

It is not worth it in ny opinion.

You will still be stuck with T-Mobile 'crapware' and there may be more differences than that.

I did look on XDA about this matter, and although I am no expert, it seems that the device must be unlocked, rooted, and then a global ROM installed.
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