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Apps Is it necessary to show "Location Access" Prompt every time requesting for the location?

Recently google made it mandatory to show alert message to describe why location access is required, before requesting for location access.

This is the link where all the details have been mentioned -- https://support.google.com/googlepl...onstration,see-an-example-video-demonstration

And, This is how the sample prompt looks like(Please refer attached screen).
Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 11.18.59 AM.png

But Showing such a message to users every time they are requesting location is little bit annoying. Because, In our users has to do Check-In and Check-Out on daily basis.

Hence, Can I show this message only once unless they have uninstalled the app?
I'm not a developer so I can't really help you with how to implement this, but you shouldn't need to ask for the permission every time it is required. When I open a new app which needs access to my location, my phone (running Android 12) provides me with a few options for how the access should be granted.


Only selecting the "Only this time" option will cause me to be prompted again; otherwise, the app is able to automatically access my location the next time it needs to without having to ask me again.
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