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Help Is my Android infected?


Apr 5, 2015
I installed "CloudVPN" and when I run it, I can't select "I trust this application". What is my problem? Am I infected?
Another problem is that after some minutes, an icon appeared top of my phone that is like a Smile.

Any idea?

Thank you.


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What is it that asks whether you trust the application? OSX asks that, but I've never met Android ask it, so assume this is some app you have installed.

And where did you download the VPN app from?

That icon is weird - hope someone has an idea what it is. Appearing on the right hand side is unusual, as app notifications are on the left. Is the device rooted/ROM customised in any way?
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Is that the request you are getting? I just downloaded Cloud VPN and it looks like a safe app to be fair, no special permissions at all. Is that the one you have? It let me select OK at the attached menu and ran fine.
The smiley face at the top of your screen is a worry though. Are you running unrooted stock rom? Perhaps have a look in "running apps" and see if anything in there looks amiss


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What other apps do you have installed? Do you have something that changes the screen display like a screen filter or something? I think some of those stop you from selecting things on the screen. if you have any apps like that try force stopping / uninstalling and see if that works.
Yup this is correct. If you have something like Flux or twilight.
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