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Help Is my device screwed? (DROID 4)

My device is the DROID 4, and encryption is enabled. I rooted it a couple weeks ago and it's been working just fine (I never made a backup of my phone before rooting it). Today I was using an app called "Cydia Substrate" (requires root) and I rebooted my device from an option on the app. It booted up fine. Later this day I was trying to use Burp Proxy, so I changed the proxy settings on my phone and rebooted my phone because I wanted the changes to take effect.

My phone was unable to restart and just displayed this icon:


I'm able to access the following options:

reboot system now
apply update from external storage
apply update from ADB
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition

I've attempted just rebooting the system with no change. Wiping the cache partition and then rebooting makes no change. Is my only option to factory reset?

I had a lot of photos that I didn't want to lose, but since my phone was encrypted maybe I'm ****ed :(


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