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Is their an App for your work Schedule?

I use Jorte and enter my shifts as the new events. Make sure to check the box that says All Day so you dont get an event time listed before your shift time. You get four widget options. I use the weekly option which always displays the next seven days. I like Jorte better than the stock calendar because all events are written out on the calendar rather than having to click on the day to see the event.

You can also try something like Astrid which is basically a To Do list, but it can be set to send you notifications to remind you of things.
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I made a minimalist weekly work schedule app that may work for you.

It's called Quick Scheduler

Learn more about it at my blog: Quick Scheduler
Or check it out on the Android market by searching "Quick Scheduler"

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions!

i just installed this. i was using Business Calendar Free, before this and it was to bland for my likes.
This is really cool. now all it needs is a time clock feature built in and it would be Winning!! the best one so far is Time Recording - Timesheet. :cool:

also i work 2 diff jobs so a Label option and multiple times per day option would be ideal.. thanks
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