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Help Schedule volume changes

I have a Samsung S22+ and I need to schedule the speaker volume off/on at scheduled times. When I attend meetings or events, I turn the phone volume to mute or vibrate so I am not distracted by calls or notifications.

The problem that arises, is the phone is my alarm clock in the AM as well. On previous phones I had the Volume Scheduler app and it worked flawlessly. This app does seem to work on the S22+ I set it to turn the volume back to normal at a certain time and it doesn't happen. I have also tried to use IFTTT but it just doesn't unmute the phone and I miss the alarm because it's on silent or vibrating.

Does anyone have a working solution for this that works on the S22+ ?
the only thing i can think of you trying is tasker:

i know it has volume control and you can schedule the phone to do certain things at a certain time. i have not used it in a very long time, but i think you can make it do what you want it to do.
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I have used MacroDroid by ArloSoft for this purpose for years. I found Tasker to be overly complicated for my relatively simple needs. That said, any app of this type takes a moment to learn its world view.

At 10PM, it automatically sets my media volume to 0 and my notifications to 45%. At 8AM it turns media to 50% and notifications to 75%. You could probably turn up the appropriate volume settings at midnight to be sure you haven't left your meeting mute on overnight.
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