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Is there a mobile tracker that works

Just as the title says, is there A mobile tracking app that works? You know one that will allow me to track my children or other family members you very little setup, and doesn't James media you the real mobile phone number or mobile number incorrect message?
I swear I just about tried every app in the Play Store and not one will recognize the phone number that I'm trying to check.
I'm beginning to believe that the mobile tracker is really just a myth.
Android apps for your protection
Android Device Manager – free – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset
Android Device Manager (Android) – enable capability on device
Android Device Manager (Website) – control device from website
Cerberus – paid – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset – remote take picture
Cerberus (Android) – enable capability on device
Cerberus (Website) – control device from website

I use Cerberus ... three device license ... in addition to tracking ... take a picture remotely ... with or without flash ... front or back camera. Download text log.

... Thom
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